lundi 14 juillet 2014

A token of affection.

A wooden busk for a regency corset.
When Leimomi said : « Think outside the box, I actually thought of a box… and what are boxes often made of : Right, wood…. And when going to the building material shop to buy shelves for our new bathroom rangement, It hought of the pattern lying around here for a  corded regency corset and the regency dress I had planned originally to make for the politics challenge but did not have the time (this will probably be my re-do challenge…) and had the idea : you need a wooden busk ! Just make it yourself !
S, I bought a wooden ledge of 1 m of length. Then, we sawed off a piece of 35 cm, I rounded the edges (with a sanding machine ; I must admit).
I had read that often those wooden busk were decorated and given as a token of affection to the beloved. So, despite having very little time (I wanted to finish for once a challenge in time, but there also was the diner buffet to prepare for the football match – I’m German….) I decided to decorate it with a hommage to my beloved husband. In the centre, I wrote : « Closer to you, my heart » - as I often call him « Herz » and of course a busk will bec loser to your heart. The three Ms are a little message too… I am named Miriam and he is named Matthias, both names with M. And in French, which we both speak daily and fluently, albeit not with each other (we live in the French speaking part of Switzerland), the verb for « to love » is aimer, so the third person « M aime M » (M loves M) is just pronounced like the letter M too.  I know that this may seem a bit kitschy. In fact, both of us failed a tour first try of marriage and it still seems unbelievable to me that you can live daily with another person and be so much yourself and so happy as I am with my second husband. We have been living together for eight years now.  I am planning to make a second one, far more decorated.
I wrote it with a sharp pencil, retraced the letters with painting and put lacque on it all. Well, that’s all.

The Challenge: no 13 under 10 $
Fabric: None – or wood
Pattern: None either, but I looked at some examples
Year: 19th century, often used in Regency corsets
Notions: laque and colour
How historically accurate is it? Length and form are, but of course I used a machine to saw and to sand
Hours to complete: 30 minutes, I’d say
First worn: never so far, the corset in which it shall fit is not yet made
Total cost: 1 Swiss franc 70 for the wooden stick, but I could make two other busk out of the same stick

dimanche 13 juillet 2014

HSF 12: Shape and support

For the HSf challenge no 12, I had planned for a while to make a new pair of stays and to use the online pattern to which someone in the group once linked: 

Pour le défi no. 12: Shape and support je voulais faire un corps de baleine dans le style du 18e en utilisant le patron en ligne indiqué par une autre membre du groupe un jour. 

I made trial stays with my measures and found them too large - then took 5 to 10 centimeters off for the final version - and they are still quite large. When they are laced, they copse indeed. But there are very comfortable and were easier than my first pair of stays. 

J'avais fait un essai avec mes mesures et c'était trop large, ja' alors enlevé 5 à 10 centimètres à toutes les mesures. Le résultat final est toujours assez large. En effet, quand c'est lacé, tout ferme. Mais c'est très comfortable et c'était plus facile à facile à faire que mon premier corps de baleine. 

What the item is: 
A pair of half-boned stays, more or less 18th century

The Challenge:
 No. 12: Shape and support 

Cotton Coutil 

found online
late 18th century
thread, steel bones, caps
How historically accurate is it?
I'd say 50% or less - the silhouette is and the eyelets are not metal, unlike my first stays, but it's not historically accurate

Hours to complete:
20, at least, I think more 
First worn:
For the pictures and today
Total cost: 
60 $ - I had to buy the coutil and the bones... 

stays front

stays back
de dos

under a caraco I had wanted make for the Black and White challenge and finished only now.
sous un caraco, prévu pour le défi Noir et Blanc, mais terminé seulement maintenant. 

vue de dos, le caraco avec chemise et jupon d'une autre robe 18e - juste pour les mesure. 
view from back, with a chemise and underskirt from another 18th century dress - it was just for some measurements, a black and red skirt is planned.