lundi 17 mars 2014

HSF 5: Bodice

Challenge: Bodice

What it is: a jacket, inspired by the biking costums of the 1890.

Ce que c'est: une veste, inspirée des costumes de vélo des années 1890

Notions: thread and there will be buttons, but I am still waiting for them.

Fabric: wool and cotton for the lining

How historically accurate: Difficult to say. I started it in the mountains, where I had no pattern at hand and modified a Burda pattern for a leather jacket according to my memories of the sports suits of the 1890 which I want to make for the much later outdoor challenge. It resembles what I wanted to make and looks like the jackets on ads for such suits – but it is not an original pattern. It is machine sewn, except for the collar.

Hours spent to make it: about 15. The sleeves were tricky.

First worn: not yet, because I wait for the buttons (which are ordered)

Cost: fabric was from stash (same fabric as for the pencil skirt)
Lining: € 5 (IKEA Ditte)
Buttons (not yet arrived!): € 9 

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