lundi 17 mars 2014

HSF 5: Bodice

Challenge: Bodice

What it is: a jacket, inspired by the biking costums of the 1890.

Ce que c'est: une veste, inspirée des costumes de vélo des années 1890

Notions: thread and there will be buttons, but I am still waiting for them.

Fabric: wool and cotton for the lining

How historically accurate: Difficult to say. I started it in the mountains, where I had no pattern at hand and modified a Burda pattern for a leather jacket according to my memories of the sports suits of the 1890 which I want to make for the much later outdoor challenge. It resembles what I wanted to make and looks like the jackets on ads for such suits – but it is not an original pattern. It is machine sewn, except for the collar.

Hours spent to make it: about 15. The sleeves were tricky.

First worn: not yet, because I wait for the buttons (which are ordered)

Cost: fabric was from stash (same fabric as for the pencil skirt)
Lining: € 5 (IKEA Ditte)
Buttons (not yet arrived!): € 9 

HSF 4: Under it all:

Challenge 4

: under it all

This one is a long story; I made it from memory from one of my grand-mothers night gowns which she wore after the birth of her children. She had three times twins, the last; my mother and her brother born in 1943. She had this sleeveless night- and underdress with pleads, which allowed to let down the entire upper part for breastfeeding.  My grandmother and her five children (one girl had died as an infant) fled from Poland in 1945 to run away before the Russians arrived. My grandmother saved next to nothing – but this night dress or breastfeeding dress. By the time I was born and old enough to remember, it was a ragget, but she still kept it – she never threw away anything, exceptionally not anything which was from times before the war.

But I have no pattern, I found no example on the Internet, I am not sure it looked exactly like this, it is a faded memory. My grandmother died in 1992.

Ceci est une longue histoire: je l'ai fait de mémoire d'une des chemises de nuit de ma grand-mère qu'elle portait après la naissance de ses enfants. Elle a eu trois fois des jumeaux, les deux derniers, ma mère et son frère jumeau né en 1943. Elle avait cette chemise de nuit sans manches avec tout le haut plié ce qui permettait de descendre toute la partie en haut pour allaiter. Ma grand-mère et ses cinq enfants (une fille était morte bébé) ont fui la Pologne en 1945 avant l'arrivée des Russes. Elle a sauvé presque rien - mais cette chemise de nuit ou chemise d'allaitement. A l'époque dont je me souviens, c'était très vieux et un vrai torchon, mais elle le gardait. Elle ne jetait jamais rien, surtout pas des affaires qui dataient d'avant la guerre. 

Mais je n'ai pas de patron. Je n'ai rien trouvée de semblable sur Internet, je ne suis pas sûre que ça ressemblait exactement à ça, c'est une mémoire a demie effacée. Ma grand-mère est morte en 1992. 

What it is: a breastfeeding night dress

Notions: thread.

How historically accurate: read the text…

Hours spent to make it: 10… (I hand sewed a part of the pleads)

Cost: nothing. Made from old bed sheets.
First worn: for trying on.